Assesment, IT Management, Remote Access and Security

At CoopLink, there are a couple of different ways to look at the services we provide. We can provide you a-la-carte solutions to specific technical problems you have, billing by the hour or by the project. Alternately you can buy stability from us, and have your systems proactively monitored and managed for a flat monthly fee. We call this latter option StabilIT. An StabilIT package can include a variety of services including online backup, mail filtering, system updates, helpdesk and user documentation.

Whether you are interested in purchasing StabilIT as a service or using or services for specific projects on a pay-as-you-go basis, the following should give you a good sense of what we can provide:


Technology Assessment & Review service


IT Design, Construction & Implementation
Network, Devices & Connection Monitoring
Network & Devices Patching and Updating
Proactive & Preventative Maintenance
Remote Connection Management


Security Assessment & Implementation
Crisis Incident Management
Messaging Defense
Data Protection and Business Continuity
Anti Virus/Malware & Pest Protection


Supporting Users Usage

Partner Console
Connected Support
Comprehensive Status Reports
Mobile Device Support
Remote User Access

Preserve your Investment/Compliance

IT Resource Management – Devices
IT Resource Management – Software

Priority Service and Pricing – Vendor Relationships

Technology Vendor Certifications


Environmentally Supportive Initiatives


Website Construction & Support

Domain Management